Looks are everything.

It snowed this week and as it always does the snow turned my thoughts to Christmas and decorating. By the time this is posted to my blog I will be knee deep in the holly and jolly. First however I have to crawl under the stairs and dig out the Christmas decorations. Always an unpleasant task and being a guy, I do what all guys do when faced with an unpleasant task…..I daydream about something else.

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Pointing the way→

Revit 2010 introduced a new annotation symbol. The spot slope. The Revit documentation shows this symbol as an arrow or triangle as is usually used in a wall section. However this annotation can do more than just that.

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The skies the limit

There has been lots of talk around the new Mental Ray rendering engine in Revit. I’ve seen renderings produced by architectural firms for projects designed to wow the clients and authorities. The lighting and material rendering is very impressive. It should be…it HAS to be if your going to win over multimillion dollar projects. I’ve tried my hand at photo-realistic rendering on a few projects and have come to this conclusion. It’s for the birds! Read the rest of this entry »

Where am I?

Ever have this nightmare? The architect you work for sends you an email saying “Go into project #143 and print up all the drawings. We need to submit them to the municipality for a building permit addendum AND make sure all the changes we have issued are on the drawings!” How can you tell which changes have and have not been done to the drawings? Worse yet did the person working on the project before you complete their changes or did they just change the plan but not update the elevations and sections.
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SI’s, CCN’s and Addenda … oh my. (Part 5)

In re-reading this series of posts, I realized that the information comes across a bit scattered so I wanted to add one more post where I give numbered steps to prepare a Revit project and execute contract administration.
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SI’s, CCN’s and Addenda … oh my. (Part 4)

This is the last post on the contract administration method. There is only one last item to cover. What to do with the admin phase when working on a renovation.
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Revit and Building Information Modeling