Where am I?

Ever have this nightmare? The architect you work for sends you an email saying “Go into project #143 and print up all the drawings. We need to submit them to the municipality for a building permit addendum AND make sure all the changes we have issued are on the drawings!” How can you tell which changes have and have not been done to the drawings? Worse yet did the person working on the project before you complete their changes or did they just change the plan but not update the elevations and sections.

I know that Revit is a 3D drafting program and shifting a wall in plan adjusts the section and elevations too but it doesn’t automatically shift and update notes and detail components.

I also realize that its just good practice to check all the affected drawings when you make a change but in today’s workplace there isn’t always time to be as thorough as needed. So how to keep track of changes and where you are in a multi-user project?

Recently I have started creating a sheet in all my project for administration information. Its nothing fancy but it is extremely effective at being a central location for what is currently happening with a project file. I number this sheet “-admin” so that it is always the first sheet listed in the project browser and then in the sheet properties I deselect the “Appears in drawing list” checkbox as this is a sheet that is never issued. The following is a lost of information I add to the sheet:

  1. The last CCN and SI number the project file has been updated to.
  2. The last revision# of linked files.
  3. A to-do list if a change has left some views incomplete.
  4. A schedule listing all sheets and revisions in the project file.
  5. Special instructions when issuing CCN’s and SI’s, like a distribution list.

I always try to make this sheet the active view when I close and save the file that way it is always the first thing I see when I open the project again.

Also it is a good idea to avoid adding any views to this sheet that show the building model. Revit will load the project file faster if it doesn’t have to regenerate a model view.

See you next week and hopefully I’ll have something besides contract admin to talk about.

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Revit and Building Information Modeling