SI’s, CCN’s and Addenda … oh my. (Part 5)

In re-reading this series of posts, I realized that the information comes across a bit scattered so I wanted to add one more post where I give numbered steps to prepare a Revit project and execute contract administration.
Assuming the project have been issued for construction the next steps to take are:

  1. Prepare the project file as outlined in Jims seminar notes.
  2. Duplicate the plan views with detailing and set the phase of the originals to the contract admin phase. That way the plans are already on sheets and dependent views don’t need to be re-created.
  3. Use the freeze view command with the demo only phase filter to create a DWG file that can be pasted onto the plan views, if you working on a renovation.
  4. Set the phase of all the model sections, elevations and details to the admin phase or the callouts and references will disappear from the plan views.
  5. If you use detail groups to show your overhead lines (see my post), duplicate them and replace the originals on the contract admin plans.

That’s more or less it in a nut shell. I am still discovering more things as I use this method so I will probably revisit this post from time to time. One item I would like to research more is how to keep track of updates so you know with a quick check that your drawings a completely up to date and you can print them with confidence.

The biggest bonus with this method is that you will have a copy of thev original model and annotations so you can undo changes easily.

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