SI’s, CCN’s and Addenda … oh my. (Part 4)

This is the last post on the contract administration method. There is only one last item to cover. What to do with the admin phase when working on a renovation.

When the model views are updated to the admin phase all walls that were demolished in the new construction phase will of course disappear. Fortunately, there is a simple workaround for this.

  1. Open up the floor plan view that shows the demolition, turn off all the annotations and set the phase filter for the view to show demolished items only (you may have to create this phase filter).
  2. Use the freeze view extension. This is an external application that was created by Autodesk for Revit. It can be downloaded from the Subscription Centre. Freeze view will convert all the linework visible in a view to an AutoCAD file and then place the DWG into a drafting view.
  3. Open the drafting view that was created by freeze view and select the DWG there. Use the copy to clipboard.
  4. Open the floor plan in the admin phase and then use the “paste same” command to copy the DWG file to the floor plan

That’s it. Repeat the last step if you have other plans of that level that need to show the demo items. The position of the items and the linetype should all match perfectly.

See you next time.

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