SI’s, CCN’s and Addenda … oh my. (Part 3)

Last week I went over dependent views and what to do with them. In this post, I’ll be looking at elevations, sections and details.

More specifically, model views as opposed to drafting views. It didn’t occur to me until I started using Jims method for admin changes that model based sections, elevations and details are phase dependent (IE. existing or new construction) and therefore so are the callouts and references. This means that when the floor plan is changed to the admin phase all the callouts and references will disappear until the sections, elevations and details are switched to the admin phase as well.

This needs to be addressed because if a partial sketch of floor plan is issued as a change notice but it is missing the callouts and references that were there on the IFC drawings there will be confusion on site.

As I mentioned earlier this does not apply to drafting views as they are not phase dependent. The callouts and references for drafting views will be visible in the duplicated plan.

When duplicating the sections, elevations and details (when they need to be modified for contract admin changes), I duplicate the original view and set the phase of the copy back to the previous phase and then rename the original be appending “-CAR” to the view name so I know the view has been modified.

Next weeks post will cover a few other outstanding items on this topic like what to do in renovations to keep demolished walls from disappearing when you set your plans to the admin phase.

See you next week.

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