Regions: masking versus drafting

What’s the difference between masking regions and drafting regions? I mean why can’t I just make a solid white drafting region? Below is a comparison.

Fill patterns

  • Drafting regions can have any colour or pattern and can even be transparent.
  • Masking regions are always the background colour of the drawing area, have no pattern and are always opaque.

2D or 3D

  • Drafting regions are always 2D and view specific but the pattern can be defined as drafting or model. Drafting patterns change with the scale of the view but model patterns are always the same (12″ horizontal lines always scale at 12″ apart).
  • Masking regions are usually 2D but can also be 3D in model families. This is handy when creating families from 2D AutoCAD files.


  • Drafting regions are exported as hatch patterns.
  • Masking regions are NOT exported. However,  any lines that intersect the masking region terminate at the masking region so that graphical intent is maintained.

Those are the differences between masking and drafting regions that I have found.

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