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It has been a long week for me this week. Not inĀ  a good way unfortunately. So I haven’t been able to work on some of the posts I wanted to. Instead I’m going to point you in the direction of some great Revit resources you may not realize you have access to.

Some of you may have been getting emails or seeing ads for the upcoming Autodesk University 2010. I haven’t had the chance to attend one yet but I have had the chance to visit Autodesk University Online. This is where lectures are posted online, complete with lecture noted and screencasts. I have found a wealth of information on creating families, contract administration in Revit and just how to use Revit in general. For example, did you know when you create a text note if you click and drag the mouse (instead of just clicking where you want the note) a rectangular bounding box will appear that you can use to determine the width of the note right away (instead of adjusting the width with the blue dots after you write the note).

When you first visit AU Online and click on one of the screencast links, you’ll be told that only AU attendees have access to that content. This isn’t entirely true. Subscription users can also gain access to this content through the subscription centre. “But I don’t have a subscription to Revit!” you might say. True however the company you work for probably does and the subscription manager to grant access to the subscription centre resources to people within the company and then you can access the AU content.

While I grant this may take some arm twisting in some companies (some companies might not even know about the subscription centre), I think it is very worthwhile to check out. You can visit the AU website and see what kind of topics are available for download and even download some of the lecture notes without having special access. Show some of the content to your bosses and IT people to try and convince them. If nothing else it will show your employer that you are eager to learn more and improve your skills. That never hurts, especially when it comes time to do the employee evaluations.

Cya next week. Hopefully with some more practical posts.

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