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Just going to post a quick shout out to I ran across there website while browsing other Revit blogs. While they also have a good blog they also have some Revit Extensions for download at the very reasonable price of free.

Materials Batch Remove

This handy little app will show you all the materials currently defined in a project and let you select multiple materials and delete them with a single click. Currently in Revit you have to delete materials one at a time. This app also lets you input a filter string to help sort through all those materials. I give this app a 2/5 on usefulness and a 4/5 on design. You may not use it often but you’ll be glad you have it when you do.


This app really rocks. This app will scan any directory you select and then show you thumbnails of all the Revit families in that directory and it’s sub-directories. You can use advanced filters to help you sort through the families to find the one you want to load. This app scores 4/5 for usefulness and design.

Run over and download the apps today. Cya!

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