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So long and thanks for all the fish. -Dolphins

After a very enjoyable 10 years of developing apps for and working with Revit, it has come time to shut down this enterprise and move on. Many thanks to everyone who used my apps and a special thank you to everyone who submitted bug reports or other comments to improve my apps. Sorry about the bugs I couldn't squish. There were a few that seemed to elude me.

Blog - Deep Inside Revit

My web blog is now moved to a free hosting site and will stay there forever. Most of the articles were not based on a particular version of Revit so they should be handy for a good many years yet. You can read it here.


All my apps are now free but will no longer be updated. The multi-license apps are now obsolete and the license system will soon be taken offline. Licensed users can download the free version of the apps from the Autodesk App Exchange instead. They are all (including ReVVed) available here.